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Legion of Valor
Honor, Valor, and Family Values

We, the founding brethren of The Legion Of Valor believe in all that is good and honorable in Norrath.
We live our lives by a code of Honor, Integrity, and Valor.
We strive to assist those in need, and respect those who have led the way before us.
We believe all life is capable of good and therefore is precious.
We believe that all races are capable of Honor and Valor.
We respect all that cross our path.

Code of Conduct
• We shall not kill steal.
• We shall conduct ourselves fairly.
• We shall respect others camps.
• We shall honorably distribute group loot on a “need before greed” basis.
• We shall not deliberately create enemies, and will instead bring honor to all guild members.
• We will strive to assist other guild members with valor, however possible.
• We will only seek members who align with our beliefs.
• We shall refrain from foul language, in game, on message boards, or anywhere foul language could tarnish the institution that is the Legion of Valor.
• We shall not use the /anon flag (/role serves the same purpose of anonymous without hiding your Guild Tag - be proud of this family and show your flag).
• We shall not host or promote a gambling operation.
• We shall not spam in guildsay (keep group talk within chat groups or group chat).
• We shall not beg for items, money, powerleveling, etc.
• Above all, we shall always take actions that increase the positive reputation of the guild; both among our members, and throughout Norrath.

Dishonoring the Legion of Valor by not following the Code of Conduct may result in immediate guild-removal of the offending member.

All LoV raids are required if online unless excused by an officer.
No lockouts on current raid targets or projected targets.
General raid start time: 8:30 pm (et)/7:30 pm (ct)/5:30 pm (pt).
General raid days: Tues, Weds, Fri, Sat
If you are afk during raids, please be in a non-combat zone. Letting others "box" your toon during raid time is prohibited.
All large races please shrink at 2 times to improve dps, make easier targeting, and decrease lag.

Message Boards
• Members should check the board frequently.
• Do not use the message boards to attack, flame, accuse etc.
• Any inappropriate postings will be deleted and action taken upon review.

Joining the Legion of Valor

Required Minimums for all Classes
• Level 85 for main character
• 500+ AAs
• Meet minimum requirements posted by class leader.

1) Contact a member to direct you to an online officer or class leader for information and initial approval.
2) Register on web site and post an application in Applications section. This is a must.
3) Read and agree to Guild Charter.
4) Follow Code of Conduct.

Required Attributes
• Group with guild members and attend scheduled raids.
• Good Attitude and Self-Sufficiency.
• Respect of others and their feelings.
• Current Magelo Profile.
• Up to date maps for zones.

• Exceptions to requirements are granted for family members.
• Real Life Friends will be considered on a case by case basis by the Class Leaders and Officers.

Leaving the Legion of Valor
• No flaming of former members.
• Information of a departure may be posted, however, specific details may be withheld to avoid flaming.
• Members leaving in good standing will be considered for reinvite by the officers.
• Any member leaving the guild is required to guild-remove all characters.
• Officers who return to the guild will not retain their officership.

Officer Code of Conduct
• Officers shall avoid taking sides in any issue, involving members, or members and those not in the LoV, without first hearing from all parties involved.
• Officers shall make every attempt to mediate disputes involving members of the LoV fairly and without bias. If this is not possible, then the officer shall bring the issue before other LoV officers for mediation or vote.
• Officers shall meet and exceed all Codes of Conduct for the members, and follow and uphold the Charter at all times.
• Officers are required to be in the Officer Chat (OC) when online.


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